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Warranty Info
Limited Warranty

GoAdDisplays warrants service against manufacturing defects for a period of (1) year period from date of purchase with an authorized seller/retailer and must show original receipt. All shipping costs must be prepaid by the customer, and GoAdDisplays is not responsible for products damaged in transit.

This warranty does not cover any failure resulting in wear and tear, any incidental damages or other economic consequential damages due to accident, abuse, negligence and acts of God.

This warranty does not cover fabric material.  Color fading is normal and is part of wear and tear for canopy tops and any display items and flags banners.  We treat our canopy fabrics to resist fading for short term exposure to sunlight. However, prolong exposure to sunlight will eventually cause fading and wear on your canopy top. There is no chemical treatment that any company can claim to use that can withstand the force of nature.  Similar to submerging metal under salt water, deterioration and rust will ultimately occur.  For fabric, exposure to sunlight is the cause of fading. So, this is normal and a part of the life of the fabric.  Our (1) Year warranty only covers defects in the workmanship and product. Wear and tear is not covered.
Gradual fading is a part of normal wear and tear.

In addition, this warranty shall be void as to any product which has been altered or modified in any manner.

The Warranty is voided if:
Product has been damaged by wind, rain, or other natural forces
Product has been accidentally or deliberately damaged
Product  has been abnormally used and maintained
Product does not conform to product instructions
Product has been abused or neglected
Product was purchased from an unauthorized seller

All shipping costs must be pre-paid. GoAdDisplays will not be responsible for any products damaged in transit. Products will be reviewed by GoAdDisplays  by an authorized representative, of the missing or defective parts causing malfunction with new parts after examination and review by GoAdDisplays. This warranty applies only for normal and expected uses, as determined by the GoAdDisplays. Under no circumstances will any person be entitled to a sum greater than purchase price of the malfunctioning part.

How long should a custom made flag last? A common question we always get, but there is no exact answer. Since the life span of custom flags depends on several factors, such as the materials of flags and weather condition. The government generally expects a polyester flag to last approximately 180 days based on daily usage ( not during inclement weather).

Generally, custom made flags or custom banners can last two years, but in fact, the life of flags depends on how you care the flags. For a longer life, one of the most important suggestions for you is to store your custom made flag in dark circumstances .

For warranty service and assistance, it is recommended that you contact GoAdDisplays customer service before returning any product for service.