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Half Moon Canopy Tent

Our Halfmoon tent offers the perfect solution to interact with your customers, while providing a point of purchase to display and sell your products. It has great versatility and excellent visual appeal thanks to our high quality and durable printing techniques. Each tent we manufacture is made to order, giving you complete freedom to adapt to your specific needs. For your convenience, we have different available of this model to fit any budget or space needs.

Tents with Half Moon counters can be used in:
Sports events
Product Demonstrations
Marketing Events
Ticket Sales and any indoor or outdoor event.
What includes?

Frame: They are constructed of resistant galvanized steel, an excellent option for the extreme climatic conditions in the Caribbean region. Carefully designed so that no tools are needed when mounting.

Lining: Our ceiling linings, back and side walls feature laminated vinyl designed to withstand UV exposure, color fading and support the typical Caribbean climate. Our linings are 100% handmade, using double resistant stitching. Always taking into account safety, our vinyl is durable, non-flammable, waterproof and resistant to mold. Our covers are carefully examined one by one to ensure the excellent print quality and sharpness of the colors.

Counters: Made of authentic hand-carpeted pine and carefully hand painted.

Printing: We use state-of-the-art large format digital printers, meticulously calibrated to produce realistic prints and accurate colors.

Available Sizes:
12 'Diameter