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3x4m heavy duty sturdy promotion metal frame Assembled Gazebo Tent

Main material requires:
3.1 The frames’ price includes packaging carton and the carton will be 7 layers and reinforced.
3.2 The frames are phosphate and electrostatic spraying and pass SGS Hydrochloric acid test.
3.3 The fabric can be 500DX500D polyester, double pvc, 500g/sqm, color fastness: SGS pass level 7.
The warranty will reach 2 years in normal circumstances.
3.4 Corner panel: 8 panels with Velcro and pop revert; Inner panels: 4 panels with Velcro revert.
3.5 The frame is phosphate and Outdoor elastic spraying powder spray. Detail steps as follows:
(1)Remove oil
(2)Rust remove
(3)Chemical wash
(4)Neutral wash
(5)Cleaning wash
(8)Electrostatic spray
(9)Lacquer that bake high temperature
3.6 Main pipe profile: 30x30x1.0mm; Inner profile: 25x25x1.0mm.
3.7 All accessory parts will be galvanized.
3.8 Tents specification: length:4m; width: 3m; side height: 2.2m;  flap:30cm
3.9 Strengthen corner protection in the four corners of the top roof material
              The tent has 8 plastic plugs to protect tent roof.
              4m frame set up 6pcs hand grab and 5pcs clinch bolt.
              3m frame set up 5pcs hand grab and 4pcs clinch bolt.
3.10 Logo size: Max printing size per logo 2.85 mX1.3m
3.11 The frame of the side can load 100kg after equipment
3.12 Package: Reinforced and enhanced packing applies. Packaging is divided into four sets: ABCD.
3.13 Base plate thickness not less than 4mm. Under the condition of making no difference on the packing Size, base plate will make bigger.
3.14 The different printing collection will need corresponding version fee.